Our Story

1921 Cecil Gordon Vokes forms the company bearing his name to manufacture and sell accessories for motor cars.
1927 Mr Vokes visits America and discovers a company making air filters for engines. Filtration technology was virtually unknown at the time, but Mr Vokes saw the potential of filtration for the engineering industry and secured the rights to manufacture filters in Britain and the Empire.
1938 Vokes purchased a property in Alton, Hampshire (UK) to cope with additional demand. This facility was used alongside the existing factory in Putney, London.
1940 A bomb falls on the Putney factory. Due to its importance to the war effort, the company was instructed by the British Government to find premises outside of London. Vokes move to Henley Park, Surrey (UK) – a large country estate which for many years had been a residence for elderly gentry.
1943 An invasion fleet from America bound for Sicily was stuck in the middle of the Atlantic with clogged engines. Vokes staff at Henley Park worked night and day for three weeks, sleeping by their machines in the workshops, producing new filters that were flown out and parachuted down to the fleet, which was thus able to resume the invasion.
1955 C.G. Vokes founds The Filtration Prize (still awarded today for the best research paper on filtration) with a £1000 donation.
1958 Henley Park redeveloped with operations centralised there.
1960 The first N-Cell HEPA filter (today named Hepatex N) is developed in Germany.
1970's Mr C.G. Vokes retires and the company is acquired by Thomas Tilling. Air filtration business is relocated to Burnley, Lancashire (UK).
1973 The FP compact filter is designed and launched in Germany by Klimatechnik-Markt, latterly a division of Vokes-Air. Today, after several redevelopments, the Compatex FP is one of Vokes-Air Group’s most popular filters.
1983 Thomas Tilling acquired by BTR Plc one of Britain’s largest and highly-regarded industrial groups. Air filtration business relocated back to Henley Park.
1984 To improve the quality control of HEPA and ULPA filters, ULPACATS (an innovative form of filter testing) is developed in Germany.
1992 The AFP gas filter is developed in Germany. Utilising activated carbon, today the AFP range has been expanded to include a number of filters for differing applications.
1996 BTR restructures its filtration businesses to form BTR Environmental.
1999 BTR Plc and Siebe Plc merge to form Invensys Plc. BTR Environmental divided with Vokes back under its own managerial control.
2000 In response to demand for greater quality and reliability from gas turbine operators, the Compatex TMP and TMPC intake filters are launched.
2000 McLeod Russel acquires Vokes filtration under its Interfilta (UK) Ltd business and relocates the air filtration operation to Burnley. McLeod Russel already owns several filtration businesses including Infiltro in Spain.
2000 McLeod Russel acquires Luwa® (the high-end filter manufacturer) from Zellweger of Switzerland.
2002 McLeod Russel acquires two Danish filter companies - Industri-Filter and Synsafe Danmark.
2004 SPX Corporation acquires McLeod Russel and renames the air filtration business SPX Air Filtration.
2006 The Eurovent Certification scheme for fine dust filters (F-Class to EN 779) is launched to combat misleading claims from some filter manufacturers. As founding members of the scheme, Vokes-Air’s products are some of the first to be tested and certified to match our publicised data.
2006 Using the latest nanofibre media, Synsafe Revo is released. Our flagship bag filter, its design provides an extremely low operating pressure drop, reducing energy consumption and costs.
2007 Macrogen GT Duo is launched for the power generation market. Utilising a revolutionary new media and design, the intake filter combines water coalescer and particle filtration in one stage.
2008 The Riverside Company acquires the entire air filtration business from SPX Corporation and renames the business Vokes-Air Group.
2010 The company is renamed Vokes Air (already a name synonymous with air filtration across the World) and ceases use of the Atex-Filter, Scandfilter and Industri-Filter brand names.
2014 Vokes Air joins the MANN+HUMMEL family becoming part of a group employing more than 15,000 employees at 60 locations worldwide. The company is renamed to MANN+HUMMEL VOKES AIR and joins the Industrial Filtration business unit. 

® Luwa is a registered trademark of the Zellweger Luwa Group
® SPX is a registered trademark of SPX Corporation

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Did you know?

An additional 50 Pa of pressure drop will reduce the energy output of a gas turbine by approximately 0.1%. For example, a 420 MW turbine will lose 3,679,200 kWh per year assuming the machine operates 8,760 hours p.a.