Our Values


Vokes Air will be the world’s most advanced and customer-caring provider of environmentally friendly, energy-saving filtration products and solutions for clean and fresh air.


Our product and service innovations combined with operationally excellent manufacturing and logistics support will underpin Vokes-Air's desire to earn a reputation as the leaders in our field.

Our people strive to have a positive impact, on current and future generations, in the spaces where the well-being and protection of people, processes, product and environment is paramount.


Vokes-Air's core business strategy is built around a knowledge intensive and customer-caring organisation that exists to serve our customers in the development and delivery of clean air relevant technologies and solutions.

We deliver this today through collaborative market and customer driven development projects, manufacturing, logistics and supplier support. We will develop and grow our business by adding customer value, optimising existing manufacturing locations, augmenting R&D and then adding new manufacturing and distribution channels to significantly enhance our reach.

Our Values


We will strive to provide the best possible customer experience. We offer superior value, high availability, relevant technology, customised solutions, superior service and differentiated high quality products that are easy to buy.

We aim to be positioned to deliver 'any repeat standard product, to any customer, anywhere in the world, in one day'.

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Did you know?

Eliminating manmade PM 2.5 dust (e.g. with an air filter) would cause a greater increase in life expectancy than eradicating road accidents and passive smoking combined, according to a British government report.