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Thursday - 6th June 2013

For many years now, the Compatex TMP/C range of air intake filters has been the de facto choice for gas turbine operators across the World. The ability to provide unparalleled performance in three key areas – pressure drop, service life and burst resistance – made them the number one static intake filter on the market. Now, Vokes Air has updated the series with improved performance across the board, pushing the benchmark even higher.

Up to 30m² of filter media

Performance is improved thanks to advances in both the high-density, glass fibre media and the way that it is formed into pleated filter mats. Together, these developments generate an increase in media area of up to 50% compared with the outgoing models. This means that the new Compatex TMP range of filters now pack up to 30 m² of media into a rigid frame design. 

Whilst the primary purpose of a gas turbine filter is to remove harmful particulate from the intake air, its effect upon the overall performance of the engine is far greater than this. Accordingly, the benefit from such enlargement in media area is two-fold. 

Firstly, with a greater area in which to retain contaminant, the dust holding capacity is increased, providing a subsequent boost to service life too. Secondly, an increase in media area cuts system pressure drop and, as less energy is required to maintain the same air flow, generates significant enhancements to turbine efficiency in the process.


Simplified product range

Previously, there were two products in the range: Compatex TMP in fine filter classes; and Compatex TMPC in F and EPA grades. Each model was available with different media options and various other configurations. To simplify this, three products now comprise the TMP series:

  • Compatex TMP is an entry-level product in grades F7 to F9, which combines excellent performance with low life cycle costs.
  • Compatex TMPC is also available in filter classes F7 to F9, but is fully-potted and weather resistant making it ideal for offshore, coastal or other areas with inclement conditions.
  • Compatex TMPE provides EPA levels (E10 – E12) of protection for gas turbines requiring the highest levels of air cleanliness.

Each product within the series is available with three different media areas to suit the varying demands of specific applications and differing budget sizes.

EPA filtration - bringing cleanroom air quality to GTs

The new Compatex TMPE brings cleanroom levels of air cleanliness to the gas turbine market. Designed to address the need for increased engine availability in high performance gas turbine power stations, Compatex TMPE provides defence against sub-micron particles, eliminating fouling of the compressor blades. Not only does this remove the need to conduct costly on- and off-line engine washes, it also reduces machine degradation, extends service intervals and eliminates the blocking of air cooling holes.

But not all EPA filters are equal. Compatex TMPE brings all the design principles and features that made the fine dust filter such a success, to provide a filter combining low pressure drop, excellent burst resistance and high filtration efficiency.


For more information on each of the products in this series, please see the links below:

Compatex TMP

Compatex TMPC

Compatex TMPE

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