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Guide rails for easy filter installation.
Available with a variety of filter types, with or without separate prefilter.
Mounted in close proximity to the air outlet to eliminate the problems of a central filtration system.

NG is a range of filter duct housings suitable for air flows of up to 12,000 m³/h. The housings are designed for the installation of various filter types, including HEPA/ULPA filters and activated carbon units, which can all be used with or without an integrated prefilter.

NG are fast and easy to assemble and are available in a multitude of sizes. In addition, single NG elements can be combined by removing the side cover plate to form larger units, or alternatively, installed in a series to create a multi-stage system.

Installed directly in duct systems for the supply of ultra-clean air, NG can manage both horizontal or vertical air flows as required and servicing can be conducted from the sides or underneath. The housing, mounted as closely as possible to the air outlet, allows conventional air distribution meaning that the filter can be changed from outside the clean air zone.

  • Mounted in close proximity to the air outlet
    Filter change can occur outside of the clean air zone
  • Filter gasket test groove (to DIN 1946)
    Simplifies maintenance and safety inspections
  • Guide rails for filter installation
    For ease of assembly
  • Optional integrated pre-filter
    For pre- and final filtration in one unit
  • Pre-filter separately fastened with clamping springs
    Changeable independently of final filter
  • Units may be installed in multiple combinations
    Removable side cover plate allows high flexibility
  • Optional pressure drop indication equipment
    For at-a-glance maintenance
Frame Material Epoxy-coated steel
Cover Plate Material Galvanised Steel / Epoxy Coated Steel
Compatible Air Filters Hepatex CR / Hepatex N / Micratex FP-P / Compatex FP / AFP
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Our U17 ULPA filter has an efficiency of 99.999995%. If you equated the World’s population of 6.9 billion people with particles and asked them to walk through our U17 filter, only 345 people would reach the other side.