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Rigid, gas-tight, shock and vibration resistant design.
Self-adjusting filter sealing mechanism.
Modular design provides high level of flexibility to suit existing systems and operating environment.
User-friendly design simplifies filter removal and installation.

NSC safe change filtration systems are gas tight, rigid casings for HEPA and activated carbon filters. They allow the contamination-free filter replacement using a change bag.

Designed to be installed wherever high levels of filtration and safety are required, NSC housings protect the operator and the plant room environment from contamination during the filter change process, and are ideally suited for the extraction of radioactive, toxic or pathogenic dust particles and gases from ventilation systems.

  • Rigid, gas tight, shock and vibration resistant
    Robust and strong construction
  • Operating pressure guaranteed to ± 8000 Pa
    Suitable for even the most demanding of environments
  • Functional design, user-friendly operation
    Simplifies installation and maintenance
  • Self-adjusting filter sealing mechanism
    To ensure an even and consistent sealing pressure
  • Practical, versatile modular system
    Customisable for seamless integration
  • Comprehensive range, with various accessories
    Flexible to meet the demands of a wide range of applications
Housing Material Epoxy-Coated Mild Steel / Stainless Steel
Cam Bar Mechanism Material Galvanised Steel / Stainless Steel
Door Seal Material EPDM
Housing Seal Material Neoprene
Change Bag Material Synthetic Film
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One gram of carbon has an adsorptive area of 1,100m²