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Constructed from acid-resistant stainless steel, or welded PVC for indoor versions.
Replaces existing airing pipe for simplified installation.
Filter efficiency of H13 (EN 1822) to ensure the capture of all common contaminants.

When the water level in a reservoir sinks, outside air is sucked into the tank, along with all the accompanying pollutants. These pollutants soon cover the water surface and the inside walls of the reservoir, potentially spreading through the water pipes to the end users. The outdoor air holds many contaminants, such as:

  • Combustion products from car engines and incineration plants
  • Heavy metals, lead, pollen, spores, fungus, etc.

Furthermore, recent terror events have highlighted the potential risk of sabotage in connection with easily accessible water reservoirs. There has been a law in Switzerland since 1975 stating that all water reservoirs must be equipped with an airing protection system.

Installed on the airing pipe, ScandSafe prevents such contamination from entering the reservoir. Employing a microfilter classified to H13, ScandSafe filtrates 99.95% of all particles sized 0.3 μm or bigger, ensuring that the most common types of contamination are filtrated and retained.

  • Replaces the present air pipe
    A simple and cost effective way to keep the water surface clean
  • Can easily be equipped with locking device
    For protection against unauthorised entrance
  • H13 HEPA grade efficiency filter
    Ensures filtration of all pollens, spores, combustion products, etc.
  • Air filter especially designed for humid environments
    Suited to water reservoirs, food containers, silos etc
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Did you know?

Lowering the pressure drop of an average air conditioning filter by just one Pascal will reduce its operating cost by around €2 p.a.