Compatex TMP

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Glass fibre media provides industry-leading burst pressure, with no shedding.
Robust, hollow-profile frame provides strength whilst minimising weight. Constructed from recycled plastic.
Large open face area minimises pressure drop.
Extended media area gives excellent dust holding capacity and lengthens life.

Combining industry-leading pressure drop with the highest available dust holding capacity and unrivalled burst resistance, Compatex TMP provides genuinely unbeatable performance for gas turbine applications.

Designed specifically for power plant inlet air filtration, Compatex TMP meets all the requirements of the latest gas turbines, diesel engines and compressors, whilst maximising yield and minimising costs.

As the preferred choice of gas turbine air filter by operators across the world, Compatex TMP has a lot to live up to, and it delivers in spades. An industry-leading burst resistance provides confidence that the worst will never happen, whilst a low pressure drop and high dust holding capacity provide optimum perfomance and a long-life respectively.

  • Comprehensive, fully tested range
    For assured performance
  • Available with three different filter surface areas up to 30 m²
    For normal, extended or extra-long filter life
  • Low pressure drop
    Maximises turbine power output
  • Fits all commonly used filter frames
    For ease of installation
  • Robust hollow profile plastic frame
    Provides industry-leading burst resistance
  • Fully incinerable with recyclable materials
    For simple, environmentally friendly disposal
  • Glass fibre paper medium
    No fibre loss or shedding
  • Foamed one-piece PU-gasket with closed surface
    Ensures optimum performance
Filter Class (EN 779 & EN 1822) F7 - F9
Energy Rating A - B
Maximum Operating Temperature 70 °C
Relative Humidity < 100%
Flammability Class K2/F2 (standard) / K1/F1 (upon request)
Media Format Mini-Pleat
Media Material Micro-glass fibre paper
Frame Material Halogen-free, recycled polystyrol
Gasket Material Foamed polyurethane
Incinerable Yes
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On its way through a filter media 4 mm thick, a 0.1 μm particle will travel 4000 times its own diameter.