Micratex V

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Easy-to-install, replaceable filter elements lower cost of ownership and ecological impact.
Guidance rails ensure correct element positioning and installation.
Rigid and lightweight plastic frame.
Mini-pleated media features distance holders for optimised geometry.
Fully incinerable for simple and environmentally-friendly disposal.

Save waste, costs and time with the Micratex V changeable air filter system. Featuring replaceable air filter elements in a compact, robust frame, Micratex V provides all the performance you will ever need in a low cost, environmentally-friendly package.

Because you only need to change the filter element, as opposed to the entire filter, Micratex V saves you time and money throughout its life. Simple to install, easy to change, and, thanks to the fact that you only need dispose of the filter elements at change-time, cost effective to dispose. All-in-all, Micratex V offers fantastic performance with an incredibly low cost of ownership.

Please note: the Configure Product function to the right is for the complete Micratex V system (frame and panels), should you just require replacement panels, please contact us.

  • Changeable filter system
    Reduces cost and benefits the environment
  • Simple filter change requiring no tools
    For ease of use and maintenance
  • Lightweight
    For simple filter change
  • Incinerable, metal and silicone free
    For simple, environmentally-friendly disposal
  • Lowers waste
    Low cost disposal

Filter Class (EN 779) M6 / F7 / F9
Energy Rating B - D
Maximum Operating Temperature 80 °C
Relative Humidity 100%
Media Format Pleated into replaceable panels
Media Material Microfine, non-woven fibres
Frame Material Plastic
Gasket Material Polyurethane
Incinerable Yes (NT)
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Our U17 ULPA filter has an efficiency of 99.999995%. If you equated the World’s population of 6.9 billion people with particles and asked them to walk through our U17 filter, only 345 people would reach the other side.