ScandDiverter D

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Rigid stainless steel construction.
Fully customisable.
Available with manual, pneumatic or electrical activation.

ScandDiverter D is a three-way diverter damper specially designed to assist engines at start-up in cold areas. The damper allows warm combustion air to be taken from the engine room and reverts back to the ambient air intake when the start-up session is completed.

ScandDiverter D features a rigid construction made from stainless steel with a flanged connection, and a protection net for the open inlet for start-up air. The damper blade is sealed air-tight against opening during start-up intake.

ScandDiverter D can be supplied for pneumatic, electrical or manual activation, and includes a control box for all connections. ScandDiverter D is fully-customisable to meet all requirements and fit all connections.

  • Stainless steel construction
    For rigidity and robustness
  • Air tight sealed blade
    To prevent opening during start-up
  • Manual, pneumatic or electrical activation
    For maximum flexibility
  • Fully customisable
    To provide seamless integration with surrounding systems
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