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Hinged service door for simple maintenance and inspection.
Fully-customisable for easy integration with existing systems.
Robust construction suitable for the toughest of environments.

ScandDust is a family of dust collectors designed to extract dust, powder and smoke in various industrial applications. At its heart, ScandDust features a compact, jet-pulse cleaned cartridge filter suitable for operating continuously on small and medium sized air flows.

Available in two versions, one of which is a modular design, ScandDust provides high levels of flexibility to meet the demands of a wide array of operating conditions and for seamless integration with existing systems.

ScandDust dust extraction systems are also provided with a hinged service door on the side for easy service and inspection.

  • Modular design dust collector
    For maximum flexibility
  • Fitted with jet pulse cartridge filters
    Integrated cleaning system for sustained high performance and extended life
  • Electronic cleaning system
    Simplifies maintenance and operation
  • Fully customisable and delivered as a completed, ready-to-go solution
    For simple installation and seamless integration with existing systems

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Did you know?

Our U17 ULPA filter has an efficiency of 99.999995%. If you equated the World’s population of 6.9 billion people with particles and asked them to walk through our U17 filter, only 345 people would reach the other side.