AFP-AZ Comfort

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Fully incinerable for simple, environmentally-friendly disposal.
Plastic cavity-profile frame provides excellent rigidity whilst minimising weight.
Impressive 10 m² of filter area gives a high rentention capacity and a long service life.
Standardised dimensions allow the AFP-AZ Comfort to be fitted into regular air handling units, simplifying installation.
Activated carbon composite media, with no dust generation.

AFP-AZ Comfort gas adsorption filters are an excellent, inexpensive method for removing odours and improving indoor air quality in air-conditioned buildings – an important contribution to the cure of “sick building syndrome” (SBS). AFP-AZ Comfort are designed to remove contaminations which can cause unpleasant physical reactions of the occupants, e.g. headaches and nausea.

Gaseous, odourous compounds can be fed into room air from a car or airplane exhaust, or alternatively they may occur due to material emissions and processes indoors. AFP-AZ Comfort removes such compounds and purifies the air by making use of a high-quality activated carbon composite material. The composite material is based on fine grain granular adsorbents embedded into a synthetic textile matrix.

Fitting into standard fine dust filter frames, AFP-AZ Comfort can be used to supplement current mechanical particulate filters.

  • Nominal air flow of 3400 m³/h per cell
    Suitable for environments with high air flows requirements
  • Low pressure drop
    Lowers energy consumption and operating costs
  • Large filter surface of 10 m²
    For a longer life and high retention capacity
  • Activated carbon composite material
    No dust generation
  • Fully incinerable, plastic cavity profile frame
    For simple, environmentally-friendly disposal
  • Lightweight
    Simplifies handling, installation and removal
  • Compact – installation depth only 300 mm
    Installed in standard bag filter framework
  • Self supporting and rigid
    For reliability in operation
Maximum Operating Temperature < 50 °C
Maximum Relative Humidity < 90%
Weight 4.5 kg - 8.4 kg
Media Format Mini-Pleat
Media Material Synthetic fibre composite with embedded fine grain activated carbon
Frame Material Halogen-free polystyrene
Gasket Material Polyurethane
Incinerable Yes
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A bag filter with 635 mm long pockets will cost €3.50 more than one with 525 mm pockets but cost €25 less in energy per annum.