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Double layered media first removes fine dust to F7 (EN 779), then purifies the air via a high quality carbon composite, providing particle filtration and odour removal in one filter stage.
Fully incinerable for simple, environmentally-friendly disposal.
Plastic cavity-profile frame provides excellent rigidity whilst minimising weight.
Impressive 10 m² of filter area gives a high rentention capacity and a long service life.
Standardised dimensions allow the AFP-AZ Duo to be fitted into regular air handling units, making installation simple and low cost.

Removing particles and odours from a ventilation system is usually a two-stage affair. With AFP-AZ Duo, however, this is no longer the case. By combining the two stages into one, AFP-AZ Duo makes air filtration of particulates and odours simple and more cost effective.

Firstly a high efficiency synthetic media layer removes the dust particles providing a filter efficiency of F7 (to EN 779). Then a high quality, activated carbon composite material removes the odours, making the air feel and smell cleaner.

Two stage cleaning of air is essential in buildings where high levels of contamination occur from traffic fumes or production processes. Often air-handling units are only designed for single stage cleaning. By combining the two stages into one standard size filter, AFP-AZ Duo offers the capability to clean air streams of particulates as well as odours without adding an expensive extra process to the ventilation system.

Being only 300mm deep and made of lightweight materials, the standard AFP-AZ Duo filter can fit directly into an air-handling unit replacing a single stage particle or odour filter with the more effective combination unit.

  • Nominal air flow of 3400 m³/h per cell
    Suitable for environments with high air flows requirements
  • Particle filtration and odour removal in one stage
    Saves time, space and money
  • Large filter surface of 10 m²
    For a longer life and high retention capacity
  • Activated carbon composite material
    No dust generation
  • Fully incinerable, plastic cavity profile frame
    For simple, environmentally-friendly disposal
  • Lightweight
    Simplifies handling, installation and removal
  • Compact – installation depth only 300 mm
    Installed in standard bag filter framework
  • Self supporting and rigid
    For reliability in operation
Filter Class (EN 779) F7
Maximum Operating Temperature < 50 °C
Maximum Relative Humidity < 90%
Weight 4.8 kg - 9.0 kg
Media Format Mini-Pleat
Media Material Synthetic fibre composite material with fine grain activated carbon embedded
Frame Material Halogen-free polystyrene
Gasket Material Polyurethane
Incinerable Yes
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