Revo DuoSorb

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Removing particles and odours from the air is typically a two-stage process, requiring separate filter elements for each task. Revo DuoSorb changes this by delivering effective particle and odour separation in one filter element – removing the need for an additional stage.

This is thanks to Revo DuoSorb’s synthetic filter media, which provides particle filtration to class M6 (EN779), whilst efficiently removing all odours and other dangerous gases.

A strong gas adsorption performance makes Revo DuoSorb ideally suited to applications experiencing problems with emissions from traffic, combustion or other odorous processes.

Ventilation systems are usually designed with a limited number of particle filters in mind. With Revo DuoSorb, you can introduce high performance gas filtration without having to rebuild the facility.




Filter class M6
Initial pressure drop 76 Pa @ 0.94 m3/s *
Operating temperature -30/50 °C
Recommended final pressure drop 200 Pa *
Recommended maximum relative humidity < 90 % *

* Notes
Revo DuoSorb is manufactured in a number of sizes and specifications. The data above refers to a
filter 592 x 592 x 635 mm, with 8 bags. If the maximum relative humidity is exceeded gas adsorption
performance may be impaired. Gas adsorption will return to normal when the humidity drops below
the maximum value.

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Indoor pollution is typically two to five (but can be up to 100) times higher than the level of pollutants found externally.