Hepatex J Series

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Available in a variety of sizes and casing types.
Large filter area from a compact overall size.
Individually-tested for a number of performance parameters after manufacture.

The Hepatex J Series is a range of cylindrical air filters designed to separate particles such as bacteria, viruses or general contaminants suspended in air, compressed air or gases. Incorporating a fine dust filter JP, two HEPA filters JG and JK, and the JKG-W filter housing, Hepatex J Series is suitable for a vast field of applications, such as medical, research and industry.

With quality levels you can depend upon, Hepatex J Series media, casings, sealing compounds and gaskets are all manufactured under controlled conditions, whilst the media is tested for separation efficiency, pressure drop, tensile strength, weight and water repellency. Each completed JK and JG HEPA filter also undergoes a DIN 24184 oil mist test, with JP fine dust filters subjected to visual inspection after manufacture.

  • Compact space-saving designs
    Simple to install
  • Low pressure drop
    Reduces energy consumption and lower operating costs
  • Available in a wide variety of sizes and casing types
    Suitable for a vast array of applications
  • Large filter medium area
    Provides a long life service
  • Individually tested and leak-free
    For assured performance
  • Corrosion resistant (JK) with synthetic material casing (JKG-W)
    Ideal for use in demanding applications
Filter Class (EN 779 & EN 1822) F9 / H13
Maximum Operating Temperature 90 °C
Relative Humidity < 85 - 100%
Media Format Cylindrical
Media Material Cellulose / Glass Fibre
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A bag filter with 635 mm long pockets will cost €3.50 more than one with 525 mm pockets but cost €25 less in energy per annum.