Hepatex PB

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Large filter surface provides excellent dust holding capacity and long service life.
Optimised air flow for even air distribution and lengthened life.
Galvanised or stainless steel frame provides rigidity and strength.
Self-supporting, cellular structure gives excellent burst pressure characteristics.

Hepatex PB clean room EPA and HEPA filters are designed for separation of fine suspended particles such as bacteria, viruses, soot, dust etc. They are used in supply and exhaust air systems, or in clean room installations in the nuclear, electronic, optical, medical, and chemical industries.

Hepatex PB EPA/HEPA filters can be combined in a variety of units to suit most applications, particularly where available space is limited.

The filter medium is tested for penetration, pressure drop, tensile strength, density, weight and water repellency. Each glass quality filter is submitted to the oil mist test and is guaranteed leak-free.

  • Low pressure drop
    Reduced energy consumption and operating costs
  • Fully-utilised, large filter surface
    Extremely long service life
  • Optimised air flow
    For optimum performance and longer life
  • Paper filter medium
    No fibre loss
  • Inherently stable filter mat
    Eliminates dust penetration
  • Self-supporting, robust, cellular structure
    For rigidity, strength and high burst pressure

Filter Class (EN 779 & EN 1822) F9 / E10 / E11 / H13
Maximum Operating Temperature 100 °C (F9 - E11) / 125 °C (H13)
Flammability Class K2/F2 (F9 - E11) / K1/F1 (H13)
Weight 1.2 kg - 1.5 kg
Media Format Mini-Pleat
Media Material Cellulose / Cellulose & Glass / Glass
Frame Material Galvanised Steel / Stainless Steel
Gasket Material Polyurethane or Silicone
Incinerable No
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An E11 EPA filter removes 3 times the amount of 0.2 µm dust than the equivalent E10.