Hepatex PL

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Extremely large filter area provides long service life.
Low frame height of only 30 mm allows installation in cleanroom ceilings and workbenches.
Anodised aluminium frame provides strength and rigidity whilst minimising weight.

Hepatex PL is a compact EPA and HEPA air filter designed to protect people, equipment and processes from submicron, airborne particulate contamination.

Used in situations requiring high or very high levels of air purity, Hepatex PL EPA and HEPA filters are primarily designed as intake filters for laminar flow clean room ceilings and clean workbenches.

Typical applications can be found in microelectronics, semiconductor manufacture, medicine, chemistry, pharmacy, microbiology, film and magnetic tape production, compact disk manufacture, laboratories and the food industry.

  • Available in efficiencies of 95% and 99.98% according to EN 1822
    Provides high levels of protection to a variety of applications
  • Large filter area
    For a long service life
  • Anodised aluminium frame
    For rigidity, strength and low weight
  • 100% leak-tested
    Guaranteed leak-free for assured performance
  • Low frame height – only 30 mm
    For space-saving installation
  • Fits securely into Filtrasept units
    For use directly at air outlet
Filter Class (EN 779 & EN 1822) E11 / H13
Maximum Operating Temperature 125 °C
Relative Humidity 100 %
Flammability Class K1/F1
Weight 1.2 kg - 5.8 kg
Media Format Pleated
Media Material Micro-glass fibre paper
Frame Material Anodised Aluminium
Gasket Material EPDM foam
Incinerable No
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