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Differential flow provides higher velocity air flow in the centre field.
Air flow stabiliser constructed from laminated safety glass, supports the air flow down to the operating table.
Aluminium frame profile for simple integration of all ceiling mounted equipment.

Over the past decades we have successfully equipped thousands of operating theaters and our customers have enjoyed the quality of our systems for many years. CG³, the third generation of laminar flow ceiling from Vokes Air, combines our proven experience in clean air ceilings with the latest technologies, unsurpassed quality and effective cost management.

CG³ meets todays increased requirements for performance, flexibility and quality, whilst minimising cost of ownership with a low energy consumption.

A special aluminium profile construction enables the the seamless integration of the CG³ system with media bridges, surgical lights and ceiling pendants, allowing the medical team to perform fluently with the surrounding equipment.

  • Draft-free room climate
    For maximum comfort
  • Minimal noise level
    For an undisruptive environment
  • Smooth-surfaced housing design
    Easy to clean and disinfect
  • Minimal pathogen concentration
    < 10 KBE/m³ in the sterile field
  • Very low pressure drop
    Highly economical energy consumption and operating costs
  • Seamless integration of ceiling mounted equipment and O.R. ceiling
    To allow the medical team to work fluently with the surrounding equipment
  • Flexible, modular range of solutions
    Adjustable to local requirements

Pressure Chamber

  • Air sealed pressure chamber, made from stainless steel (1.4301)
  • Smooth inner surfaces for simple disinfection during filter changes
  • Pressure chamber mounted upon a stable profile, made from galvanized aluminium
  • Air sealed housing for the integration of the O.T. light stand with openings for servicing
  • Sealed ports for temperature pressure sensors
  • Aerosol port
  • Port for pressure differences measurement
  • Separate seal leak test ports for each HEPA filter (in conjunction with test groove)
  • Flange constructed from stainless steel (1.4301)


Filter and Diffuser Frame

Galvanised aluminium profile structure with integrated stainless steel frames for the placement of the filter cells and the CG-Diffuser. The aluminium profile provides rails for the easy and seamless placement of the false ceiling or other connecting equipment, and is also prepared for the integration of sterile field and O.R. illumination.



  • HEPA filter cells, height 93 mm as H14
  • Protected on both sides against accidental contact
  • Filter change to the clean side


Sterile Air Diffuser-CG

  • Transparent diffuser with double layer micro mesh, constructed from a special textile
  • Assembly and disassembly without screws or tools
  • Aluminium profile frame with an optimised air flow
  • Pass through of the O.R. light stand
  • Entire construction of the clean side smooth and without screws


Air Flow Stabilizers

  • Glass curtains made from 8 mm shock resistant glass
  • Secured in an aluminium frame to ensure the laminar air flow
  • 200 mm in height


Frame for O.T. and Sterile Field Illumination

Integrated frame for the housing of the O.R. and sterile field illumination. The frame provides a seamless integration of the laminar flow ceiling and the lighting fixtures. Light bodies can be positioned directly in the frame.


Sterile Field and O.T. Illumination

  • Clean room lighting for the illumination of the sterile field up to 2000 lux and for the surrounding operating theatre.
  • Three tubes/lights with electronic dimming
  • Prepared for a maximum of three circuits


Technical Data

Air Flow Volume 9,000 m³/h
Outer dimensions (length x width) 3272 x 3273 mm
Sterile Air Flow Field (length x width) 3170 x 3171 mm
Pressure Chamber Height 465 mm
Available Ceiling Space Height 480 mm
Average Air Velocity 0.25 m/s
Number of HEPA Filters 4 pcs. 1220 x 1067 mm / 2 pcs 1220 x 915 mm / 2 pcs 1220 x 610 mm
Filter Class (EN 1822) H14
Initial Pressure Drop 60 Pa
Recommended Max. Pressure Drop 180 Pa

All test documents according DIN 4799/6.90

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One gram of carbon has an adsorptive area of 1,100m²