Houghton PLC is a leading supplier of industrial production lubricants and fluid management services, with world class facilities to support their customers globally.


From the Southern tip of Australia to Northern Canada, Houghton has facilities in all major industrial regions across the World.

Dedicated centres of excellence in various parts of the world support this technology with full laboratories staffed by teams of dedicated chemists and microbiologists.

Each country also has specialist technical application engineers and dedicated technical sales professionals who support the various national manufacturing communities.

Houghton also offer a dedicated fluid management service, with teams all over Europe working in partnership with many major manufactures,In addition, Houghton has many full site facilities at their customers’ sites to monitor the handling and condition of the fluids. They also provide advice on a wide range of oil-related issues.

With the formation of our partnership, ScandMist consultants working with Houghton engineers are able to offer a holistic service, not only to companies who are experiencing problem with oil mist, but also to companies who wish to continue to be manufacturing centres of excellence.

Together, we can provide full oil mist site surveys, with a comprehensive technical report of the present state of the air quality, along with the recommendations on the best course of action to cure a problem area or prevent a situation getting worse. In addition, we can provide follow-up site surveys to check the status of the environment.

The information produced by the site surveys is particularly beneficial to large corporate manufacturers who can compare the results from numerous locations to ensure that all global sites are working according to best practice.


Filter-On (I) Pvt.Ltd. 

Based in Pune, India, Filter-On (I) Pvt.Ltd. provide design, manufacture, installation and support services for indoor air pollution control systems and air filtration systems. Their unique product portfolio is used in a variety of applications such as welding fumes extraction, oil smoke and mist collection, intake air filtration, and clean room HVAC systems.

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Since 1983, Filter-On has served clients in various industrial sectors with more than 1500 installations across India. Filter-On is also the only ISO 9001:2008 certified company in this sector of the Indian market. 

Using this wealth of expertise, Filter-On provide full installation and aftermarket support for ScandMist in India.





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Lowering the pressure drop of an average air conditioning filter by just one Pascal will reduce its operating cost by around €2 p.a.