Machine tools are being pushed to run at ever increasing speeds with ever higher coolant delivery pressures, thus creating more and more coolant mist. Traditional mist collection systems simply can’t cope with these demands and allow the coolant mist to escape into the workshop atmosphere, taking other contaminants (such as fine swarf and bacteria) with it.

Any productivity gains that you expected to receive from your investment suffer as high performance machine tools are forced to run at less than optimum speed, as operators wait for the mist to settle before opening the cabin doors or reaching in to retrieve the work. Again, this is because traditional oil mist collectors cannot remove the mist quickly enough.

ScandMist is different. Unlike centrifugal or electrostatic systems, ScandMist operates using high performance filters to ensure maximum filter life and efficiency levels in excess of 99.9%. Mist, swarf, bacteria and mold spores are trapped and the oil or emulsion can be returned to the machine tool for reuse. Maintaining a slight under pressure in the cabin means that the doors can be opened almost immediately, without blowing contaminated air into the face of the operator.

  • Eliminates coolant mist (neat oil or emulsion)
  • Removes harmful particles including bacteria
  • No maintenance required – just read gauges
  • Main filter life can exceed 2 years – no filter cleaning required
  • Reuse separated oil
  • Speed up production process by reducing “settling” time
  • Simple and low cost to install
  • Can be connected to several machines
  • Low fan pressure – reduces power consumption

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Did you know?

A bag filter with 635 mm long pockets will cost €3.50 more than one with 525 mm pockets but cost €25 less in energy per annum.