Quality and Testing

At Vokes Air, we take the performance of our products extremely seriously.

It is for this reason that we have assembled a wide variety of equipment to ensure the performance of our ScandMist units.

Our commitment to quality goes beyond the factory however, and we follow-up at the majority of ScandMist installations to ensure that the systems we have provided are operating at the optimum level and the desired standard.


Field Test Equipment

For measuring oil mist concentration before and after each filter we use a 8520 DustTrak, Aerosol Monitor. In addition, this unit is a pressure and flow meter used to determine pressure drop and air flow. The 8520 DustTrak, Aerosol Monitor can be used with three different impactors to measure the concentration in three different particle fractions: 0.1 - 1 µm, 0.1 - 2.5 µm and 0.1 - 10 µm.

Sample survey of before and after readings

For more accurate measurements a GRIMM 1.109 particle counter together with a dilution system GRIMM 1159.100 is used. This equipment is more complicated and time consuming to use, but is necessary to get exact exhaust measurements. The GRIMM 1.109 PC is also used in the full scale test rig. See below.

Component Testing

TSI 8130 - A filter sample is placed in a holder and a pump is used to press air containing the generated oil aerosol through the sample. Pressure drop and penetration of the particles is measured continuously. It is possible both to measure initial values and also to age the filter sample through a so called “loading test”. This equipment is a particularly useful in evaluating new type of materials, filter geometries etc.

Full system Testing

The rig is built up around a ScandMist 200D, with a electrical converted fan and equipment to produce oil mist/smoke to simulate any operational environment of the oil mist collector. The performance (efficiency, pressure drop and air flow) of the oil mist collector is tested both initially and during operation.

Gas Phase Measurements

To measure for oil mist vapours such as volatile organic compounds (VOCs), Vokes Air recently invested in a FID (flame ioniser detector). The SICK MAIHAK Model 3006 is a total hydrocarbon (THC) analyser. This instrument has a wide range of use for measurements on different applications. The results is given as PPM of the used calibration gas and is possible to convert into mgC/m³ (equivalents of the calibration gas).

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Did you know?

Eliminating manmade PM 2.5 dust (e.g. with an air filter) would cause a greater increase in life expectancy than eradicating road accidents and passive smoking combined, according to a British government report.